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Costumo dizer que o voluntariado faz-se diariamente sendo visível nas horas additional (gratuitas) em favor dos nossos utentes e instituições; através do nosso empenho e polivalência; através do uso gratuito dos nossos bens móveis em prol dos outros.

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Advisor : RICARDO JOSE MATOS DE CARVALHO Facts: Feb 27, 2018 Exhibit resume The aim with the existing dissertation is to elaborate pointers for that joint optimization in the practice of parathetism, that is, to lead into the formulation of procedures to forestall musculoskeletal accidents also to improve the performance of paratlete paratricians from the paratlete of dart and disc launches. Paralympic sport has terrific possible, but it has been marked by large prevalence and incidence of accidents, that may compromise athletes' well being and performance. An extended and complex chain of things interact On this phenomenon, and may market imbalance in the relationship concerning the athlete's capacity to dissipate, produce and transfer mechanical Electricity and the quantity of worry imposed to the musculoskeletal method in the course of the functionality of athletics pursuits. This examine aims to know these elements as well as their relation to your athletics modality of launches, for individuals with spinal cord injury, of your useful class F55. The research experienced as methodological technique the Ergonomic Evaluation of the Do the job. Conversation and observation strategies, conversational motion scripts, verbalizations, photographic information and movies were applied. The review on the apply of dart and disc launches has evidenced the adoption of different operative modes from the paratlete during the contexts of coaching and Opposition, some of which happen to be pathogenic, regarding RSI / DORT, and inhibitors of higher yields. The operative modes are connected to areas of do the job Group (arranging, checking, cadence, objectives, etcetera.) of training, Together with the technology (launching chair, apply) Employed in the teaching and While using the attributes on the paratlete (functional class etc).

Além disso, ele vê o uso difundido em grandes eletrodomésticos e carros. Apesar do crescimento no uso de alumínio, ainda é o principal material para carrocerias de automóveis. O aço é utilizado em uma variedade de outros de construção de materiais, tais como parafusos, pregos e parafusos.

Advisor : CARLA ALMEIDA VIVACQUA Knowledge: Jun 6, 2014 Demonstrate resume A concepção de novos produtos, ou a melhoria dos já existentes, bem como a concepção e desenvolvimento de processos de fabricação mais eficientes e confiáveis, são atividades cruciais na maioria das organizações industriais.

PUBLICIDADE A bondade é um comportamento marcado por características éticas, uma disposição agradável e uma …

Advisor : MARIANA RODRIGUES DE ALMEIDA Information: Mar 31, 2017 Display resume This exploration aims to reveal The combination of the lean Software called Value Stream Mapping (VSM) with the information Envelopment Evaluation approach as being a managerial system to help the administration decision earning regarding to the procedure leanness. This gets to be essential in check out of Brazil's present economic downturn, which has a direct impact on the development field, bringing about a decrease in revenue and, Therefore, in revenue. Therefore, the construction companies really need to redefine their generation methods as a way to stand out from their opponents, via improved functions, leading to increased productive general performance and, As a result, consumer fulfillment. This raises the significant contribution to the corporate less than research, as it exposes the current problem of the execution of 1 of its most important creation procedures and proposes actions that enable it to approach its perfect condition, represented by operations with out squander and from the tempo of buyer demand. In addition, the consistent consummation with the mechanism performed During this operate permits the Business to detect incidents more speedily, then, outline immediate actions that remove them and be constantly in continuous advancement.

Talvez o mais importante forma polimórfica de aço é martensite, uma fase metaestável que é significativamente mais forte do que outras fases de aço. Quando o aço é de um austenítico fase e, em seguida, arrefecida rapidamente, ela forma em martensite, como os átomos de “congelar” no lugar quando as alterações das células da estrutura da FCC para BCC. Dependendo do teor de carbono na fase martensítica presume diversas formas. Abaixo de aproximadamente 0,two% de carbono que leva uma a ferrite BCC forma de cristal, mas ao maior teor de carbono que leva um corpo centrado tetragonal estrutura (BCT). Não há térmico energia de ativação para a transformação da austenite para martensite. Além disso, não há nenhuma mudança na composição de modo que os átomos de geralmente manter os seus vizinhos mesmos. Martensita tem uma densidade mais baixa do que a austenite , de modo que a transformação entre elas resulta numa mudança de quantity. Neste caso, a expansão ocorre. As tensões internas desta expansão, geralmente sob a forma de compressão sobre os cristais de martensite e de tensão sobre a ferrite restante, com uma quantidade razoável de cisalhamento em ambos os componentes. Se têmpera é feito de forma inadequada, as tensões internas podem causar uma parte para quebrar enquanto esfria. No mínimo, causam interno encruamento e outras imperfeições microscópicas. É comum que as fissuras de têmpera para formar em que o aço é água temperada, embora possam não ser sempre visível. Tratamento térmico

da raiz, o órgãocresce curvando-se para o lado, como mostra a figura abaixo:Os efeitos da injeção de auxina no caule e na raiz estão representadosno gráfico a seguir.

Refinamentos adicionais no processo, tais como a produção de aço de oxigênio (BOS), reduzido o custo de produção, aumentando a qualidade do metallic. Hoje, more info o aço é um dos materiais mais comuns no mundo, com mais de one,three bilhão de toneladas produzidas anualmente.

Advisor : MARIANA RODRIGUES DE ALMEIDA Details: Nov 28, 2016 Exhibit resume The objective of the examine is to evaluate the performance in the municipalities of Rio Grande do Norte by applying general public sources destined into the schooling and baby wellness sector, looking at equally effective subprocesses and intertemporal areas in exploration. To be able to fulfill these goals, the research system proposes a quantitative method dependant on the usage of the info Envelopment Examination with using Network Details Envelopment Examination – NDEA and Dynamic Data Envelopment Investigation – DDEA). The sample includes a well balanced facts panel with info referring to fifty six municipalities from the Point out of Rio Grande do Norte for your 2009-2011 period of time. In the beginning, the goal is To guage the municipal performance of general public investing with the classical DEA-CCR modeling. Then, the calculation with the relative effectiveness of the municipalities of Potiguares is completed via the NDEA product, where four levels of research are viewed as, two for every dimension. Using the community method makes it achievable both of those To judge the relative productivity of the working units in Every single of your successful subprocesses and to estimate the overall efficiency in the process. The initial and 3rd stages include spending plan execution for contracting physical and human assets allotted to the schooling check here and health and fitness sector, respectively. The second and fourth phases, subsequently, use the sources contracted to market the effectiveness of educating and overall health. At last, the DDEA model is utilized so as to estimate the intertemporal dynamic outcomes affiliated with the analyzed dimensions.

Advisor : RICARDO JOSE MATOS DE CARVALHO Details: Feb six, 2018 Present resume Companies, communities and towns handle each day cases, not program, unpredictable and with varying levels of complexity, but typically these socio-technical units have no idea their required skills and / or have not sufficiently made them to handle this kind of predicaments in the resilient way. To know their resilience, these systems are actually improved cope with these circumstances. So how can a sociotechnical procedure assess its resilience? It can be crucial that sociotechnical programs, Primarily All those coping with uncertainties and unexpected circumstances, for instance those handling catastrophe hazards, can frequently assess their resilience, in order to know their deficiencies and serious capabilities, and therefore make superior choices and act. The leading goal of the function was to produce and make available a program of indicators To judge the resilience in relation to disaster threat administration of security and civil defense businesses in Brazil. For this, a methodology was made that has 3 phases, which ended up called modeling. The modeling I corresponded for the levels of exploratory research and systematization via literature evaluate, selection and classification on the indicators identified, development of the info collection instrument, evaluation of indicators by scientists in the area and revision of the data selection instrument.

«Mariano Gago trava acesso das Novas Oportunidades ao ensino excellent / O programa para adultos está a ser aproveitado para facilitar a entrada nas universidades»

Advisor : ENILSON MEDEIROS DOS SANTOS Information: Feb 26, 2018 Demonstrate resume Urban mobility is Just about the most appropriate factors to the sustainable growth of metropolitan areas. It seeks to combine transportation and circulation procedures with urban improvement kinds so as to boost accessibility for all, prioritizing collective transport and non-motorized modes in a safe, socially inclusive and sustainable ecosystem. In Brazil, the Countrywide Urban Mobility Coverage, recognized by Federal Act nº twelve.587/2012, aims to attain numerous objectives that add to sustainable city mobility techniques, for example lowering inequalities and social inclusion, advertising usage of simple services and social amenities, enhancements inside the urban lifetime problems in the population relevant to accessibility and mobility, amid Other people. During this context, it is vital to utilize tools to guidance mobility organizing and management with regards to the monitoring and implementation of sustainable transportation procedures.

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